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To Needleloop, or not to Needleloop?

In my last post, I wrote about a fascinating group of embroideries that I found from Asia in the 1300s which exhibit a "needle looping" technique. Of course, I decided to attempt to replicate this lotus flower. I began by purchasing some threads in like colors. I chose Vinyard Silk, because its fluffy and fun,… Continue reading To Needleloop, or not to Needleloop?

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German Brick Stitch a Major Embroidery Project

Sometimes a style of doing something hits you over your head and says I WILL BE YOUR FAVORITE THING. It often comes out of no where. I have never been someone interested in needle point. I have made a few piece over the years that covered the entire canvas. One was a crane needle point… Continue reading German Brick Stitch a Major Embroidery Project

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January: Applique Inspiration and Planning

January's needle case is Applique and I am so inspired by this bag. Seal Bag with the Arms of Edward I now in the Collection of Westminster Abbey This seal bag was part of an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum on different embroidery techniques and it is wonderful to look at. A seal… Continue reading January: Applique Inspiration and Planning

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A One Day Headdress for Virtual Court

Its no surprise that I miss the heck out of going to SCA events. But there are some things that I really enjoy about virtual gatherings, like the limited travel time, and the ability to wear crazy garb without regard to the unknown conditions in where the event is. The other thing, is that you… Continue reading A One Day Headdress for Virtual Court