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One Little Needle Case: A tutorial

It dawned on me at some point that I should make a blank needle case without any embroidery as a test case. It is often the case that one will have a plan in their head about how to go about doing something and then, when you sit down to do it, it doesn’t work at all. And, some of that happened here.

To begin, I had decided at the beginning of this project, that the needle cases would be shaped like mini books, 2″ by 3″ rectangles. So I drafted the pattern (available below), rummaged through my scraps and ironed my materials. I chose colored linen for the exterior, white linen for the lining, and wool for the “page” of the needle case because I have found wool to be the best material for grabbing the needle.

The idea of the needle case is that its a little book for your needles. It will have a cover with a front and back, and a page in the middle to hold the needles. You will need to cut out 1 front, 1 back, a lining and a page (or more if you want multiple pages). You might also want a closure for your case. I used a small ribbon and made a fabric button.

Sewing up the book cover

The first thing to do is to sew the front and back of the cover together along the “spine”. I used a red front and a blue back for clarity. I hand sewed this project, and used a back stitch to secure the two pieces together.

Next you need to attach your “page” I chose wool because it is a very springy fabric and will hold your needles really well. So felts and wools are good for this. Linen or cotton will work too especially for your really fine needles. I would not use anything slippery like a satin or silk or shiny polyester for the interior. For the outside they will work fine!

Adding in the Page to hold the needles

To add this, I pinned the wool piece so it was in the center of my lining fabric marking the center line. To find the center I folded them both in half. Then I used a back stitch to sew it down to the center. Nothing fancy!

Now, we should have two things: A book cover and a book interior. There are two ways to go about sewing them together. You could put the right sides together and sew around them at the seam allowance leaving a small opening through which you turn it right side out. Or you could do what I did and fold the seam allowance to the inside and whip the edges together as seen in these photos. Either way will work, its really a matter of preference. Just be careful to not catch your wool in the seams!

Two halves of the book pinned together.

Now if you want to add a closure, it makes sense to add it at this point while you are sewing up the sides so it can get caught in that seam. I chose a small ribbon which I folded in half and made a knot in one end. I stuck the knot inside the book (between the cover and the lining) and continued sewing up the seem.

Sewing up the sides and Inserting the closure

And here is the finished needle case!

And thats that! Please let me know if you make one. I’d love to see it! I’ve been using mine every day and it stays in my little sewing bag for easy access.


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