Yee Old Night Owl

In 2020 I decided to enter the Foundations Revealed Costume Competition. The theme was Once Upon a Time and required entries to be inspired by a character in literature. In 2019, before the Watchmen TV show came out I read the Watchman written by Alan Moore, artist David Biggons and colorist John Higgins. The brooding and flawed nature of the Night Owl character was fascinating to me. He was dark, full of demons and always chasing something: the high of being a super hero. He was unable to perform without his costume. The theme of not being able to be yourself without your costume is an important one that we reenactors and costumers can relate to. We are our best selves when we are in our costumes.

The Night Owl was also obsessed with his own character’s history, as he was the second Night Owl. And in that way, he was interested in exploring that past, but also building upon it to create a new future through innovative costumes, tools and machinery. This project exemplifies this part of the night owl by being a very standard fourteenth century medieval hood, with slashes, something that wouldn’t be popular for another two hundred years.

The Design

Designing a Medieval Hood

This post details my design process from sketch, materials, historical bog mummy patterns, to mockups.

Yee Old Night Owl: The Design

The Construction

Constructing a Medieval Hood

This post explains my methods for constructing this beautiful hood as well as the trials and tribulations of working with new materials.

Yee Old Night Owl: The Construction

Yee Old Night Owl

The finished Project

This post shows all the pretty pictures of the final project.

Yee Old Night Owl

Yee Old Night Owl

Competition Entry

My Contest Entry on Foundations Revealed Website

Only paid members of Foundations Revealed can vote on the contest, but you can read my entry and look at pictures here.

Yee Old Night Owl

To see read more about the competition and see all the entries click here.

For information on how I designed and constructed my medieval dress check out these posts:

Designing my first Medieval Garb

Beginning my first dress from scratch

This post details my design considerations for a mid 14th century kirtle and overdress

Designing a Medieval Gown

The Supportive Kirtle

Designing, Pattern Drafting and Constructing a medieval kirtle.

This post explains my process for designing and constructing medieval kirtle.

The Supportive Kirtle

Going Overboard with an Over Dress

Designing, Pattern Drafting and Constructing a medieval Overdress

This post explains my process for designing and constructing medieval medieval overdress popular in the fourteenth century

The Overdress


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