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A Brief Foray into Basketry

I don’t know what possessed me to want to weave a basket, but here we are… A long long time ago, my dad used to say the college football players were all majoring in underwater basket weaving. When I was a small child, I did not understand what this was, but assumed (for reasons that…

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The Crown of Love

In April of 2021 I planned out a rather large embroidery project reproducing a panel of the 14th Century Embroidered Wall Hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am happy to say, that after nearly two years the project is complete: I wrote a bit about the project in a blog post called German…

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White Work Apron

A secret project for John Marshall. The day I became an Apprentice, John Marshall, husband of Elizabet, my Laurel, received his Writ to join the Order of the Laurel for his excellence in historic food, including cheese making (Mmm Cheese). To this, I volunteered to make the cook an apron trimmed with Laurel leaves for…

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About Me

Known in the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) as Scolastica Capellaria, I am a Paralegal living in Philadelphia who fell in love with the middle ages in college, completing a Master’s Degree in Art History before changing careers. In 2019 (the year before the great plague) I discovered the SCA, a historical reenactment society where I could not only research and talk about my love of medieval history for hours, but also experience it by wearing medieval clothes, cooking medieval food, and playing medieval games.

This blog is the story of how I found my people, and the many projects I set my mind to in the name of education, exploration and fun.

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