12 Little Needle Cases

10 Little Needle Cases

This post is the culmination of a year long project of embroidering a needle case each month in 12 different styles. Due to time constraints and the complexity of a few of the embroidery styles, in the end I have 10 finished needle cases!

The Embroidery Styles include: Applique, black work, German brick stitch, Bayeau stitch, Italian cross stitch, Opus Anglicanum with split stitch and goldwork, Lacis, drawn thread with reticella, padded detached button hole with braided goldwork, and darning over pleats.

This project has been a joy in exploring new techniques, learning new things, and patterning from extant historic pieces. Every single one of these pieces was patterned from an extant object, and that is the part I am most proud of.

January: Applique

February: Blackwork

March: German Brick Stitch

April: Bayeux Stitch

May: Italian Cross Stitch

June/August: Opus Anglicanum, Split Stitch and Goldwork

July: Lacis

September: Drawn Thread and Reticella

November: Padded Detached Buttonhole and Goldwork Braid

December: Darning over Smocking

Finished Cases

Thank you to every single person who read, liked, shared or followed along with this project. It has been quite a year, and these little needle cases got me to the end. I learned so much about each of these techniques and I created 10 fabulous needle cases.


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