12 Little Needle Cases

December: Embroidery over Pleats

This piece is part of a larger project that I started this year to explore different styles of embroidery. To read more about it click here. To read about how I came up with this specific pattern and design, click here.

The Last Needle Case!

When I started this project and allotted the last month to Smocking I knew it would be difficult. And, the project was not the easiest one I’ve done this year, but it came together quickly and when you are pressed for time, thats really the best you can ask for!

First, I cut out a piece of fabric that was 3 inches tall by about 18 inches long. I marked out my fabric in 1/4 inch intervals (careful to make the parks on the grain lines).

First I did this with three lines, but when I tried to make the pleats it was not enough so I ended up with five lines. Then I put my thread through one dot and up through the next, through each of the five lines of dots to get the pleats.

And I forgot to take any pictures of this because it was difficult!

Then, I started stitching. To do the pattern darning, you go through some pleats and over the top of others to create the pattern, until tah dah:

If I did this again, which I certainly might, the thing that I need to work on is the tension. On such a small scale its easy to pull to hard when going back and forth and thus end up with a rhombus rather than a rectangle or threads that are looser than others. Thankfully, when I sewed this up into a needle case, it turned out rectangularly enough.

And that’s it! All 10 needle cases. I’ll put together a post with all 10 of them later this week. I hope you have enjoyed my journey. I sure have learned a lot!


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