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To Needleloop, or not to Needleloop?

In my last post, I wrote about a fascinating group of embroideries that I found from Asia in the 1300s which exhibit a "needle looping" technique. Of course, I decided to attempt to replicate this lotus flower. I began by purchasing some threads in like colors. I chose Vinyard Silk, because its fluffy and fun,… Continue reading To Needleloop, or not to Needleloop?

12 Little Needle Cases

September: Reticella, the finished piece

A blog describing how I chose this pattern and some historical background on reticella can be found here. These last few months have been difficult on a personal level. I lost one of my biggest patrons due to illness, one of my best friend received devastating health related news, and the plague continues on despite… Continue reading September: Reticella, the finished piece