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Little Plague Projects

The Plague year, the plague year! Its been a tough time to do anything. While working full time, despite decreased commute time and due to the overwhelming feeling of dread due to–the state of the world–I have had a hard time getting to projects, working on things, and hunkering down to finish projects started a long time ago.

Blackwork Stitch-a-long

This year began, with a year long Stitch-A-Long project in black work. I began this project sometime in January and have carried on quite merrily as the year has unfolded. I have put it down to work on other projects, but carried on with this one none the less.

This is a modern blackwork design that is not reversable. Every week the designer releases a new square for us to fill with a design. Its been fun to be part of a community and I know so many Scadians who are working on it too.

Blackwork Skeletons

A few weeks into the plague, when us introverted homebodies were finally getting over the guilt of enjoying being home with our projects, Kim Salazar of String-or-Nothing released this FANTASTIC blackwork pattern of fun little dancing skeletons. I worked on this in between long bouts of killing skeletons on minecraft. I intend to pick it up again soon. To check out this pattern and others go here:

Largess Derby Handkerchiefs

A long long time ago, for a coronation in 2019 I began hemming a few handkercheifs. And while I hemed them in time for the competition that they were to be part of, I wanted to embroider them and make them special. Fast forward a year, and Shire Wars (an event where the Shires of the Southern East Kingdom compete) went virtual and I organized a group to put together a team largess project. It was so fun to work with friends on small obtainable goals.

These handkerchiefs were embroidered with Blue Tigers, the symbol of the populous of the east, using split stitch.

A Courtesy Rose

The East Kingdom Order of Courtesy members are awarded a glove with a blue and yellow rose embroidered on it. There was a call for such gloves earlier this year, and I had plans very early on to complete this, but alas, like other things it took a while to get started. But, like all split stitch projects (my favorite stitch!) it stitched up very quickly, especially when my idle hands needed busying during November.


I have been interested in sprang for about a year, because I LOVE lace, and I like to learn complicated new crafts. GO FIGURE. I tried to make a hat, but I struggled with SO MANY DIFFERENT PARTS and so I started over to make this little red bag using a cotton thread I didn’t think would stick to itself. It is not perfect, and certainly got better as time progressed, I enjoyed this project and I want to start over on my hat soon.

More handkercheifs

I made this little handkerchiefs for my godmother who always supported my strange interests in Medieval art and culture. When I was in 5th grade she took me to the Renaissance festival for the first time. My mom made her a beautiful purple dress. She also took me to see Lord of the Rings in the theater, and I can’t think of anything that changed my life more in the time since. I think she will be very impressed when she unwraps them this Christmas.

There are more little projects, but those can wait for a different blog!

~ Don’t Let the Perfect Spoil the Good ~

2 thoughts on “Little Plague Projects

    1. In all honesty, reading your blog and seeing the work you have done on this year has been one of the highlights of my year. Thank you for all of the work you do and share. The bony boys are a delight and I look forward to finishing them!

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