12 Little Needle Cases

August: St. Catherine in her Golden Splendor

There have been four posts thus far about this tiny needle case. In the first, I discussed my plans for the needle case including drafting the pattern and selection of materials. In the second I marveled at how long a split stitch face takes to stitch. In the third, I discussed in detail the way… Continue reading August: St. Catherine in her Golden Splendor

12 Little Needle Cases

June: Free Embroidery Progress and Change of Plans

As you may recall, my June Embroidery is a free embroidery project. I chose to go the path of opus anglecanum and combine both split stitch and goldwork to create a little needle case of St. Catherine. However, both of these types of stitching are incredibly time consuming, and I have decided to split this… Continue reading June: Free Embroidery Progress and Change of Plans

12 Little Needle Cases

February: Blackwork Plan and Pattern

February is a short and bound to be busy month, and therefore it is good to have a nice easy project. I spent most of 2020 working on blackwork style embroideries. It was a style popular during the 1500s and later, characterized by dark geometric patterns on white linen. These patterns were sometimes, but not… Continue reading February: Blackwork Plan and Pattern

12 Little Needle Cases · Small Projects

January: Applique Inspiration and Planning

January's needle case is Applique and I am so inspired by this bag. Seal Bag with the Arms of Edward I now in the Collection of Westminster Abbey This seal bag was part of an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum on different embroidery techniques and it is wonderful to look at. A seal… Continue reading January: Applique Inspiration and Planning