12 Little Needle Cases

June: Free Embroidery Progress and Change of Plans

This needlework piece is part of my ongoing exploration of different medieval embroidery styles. A full explanation of the project can be found here.

As you may recall, my June Embroidery is a free embroidery project. I chose to go the path of opus anglecanum and combine both split stitch and goldwork to create a little needle case of St. Catherine.

However, both of these types of stitching are incredibly time consuming, and I have decided to split this needle case into two months. One for the split stitch free embroidery, and one for goldwork. Thus, here is Catherine in all her beautiful silk split stitch embroidery:

As expected, I ADORE working in silk. It is so easy to stich with and rarely tangles. I loved stitching the contours of her face, and also the beautiful two toned hair. I can’t wait to make her all shiny with goldwork.

However, next month we will take a break from this needle case to work on Lacis! I am excited, but also nervous, as this kind of embroidery is nothing like I have ever done before.


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