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Yee Old Night Owl

This project was the culmination of a year of work to create a garment inspired by the Night Owl in the Watchmen. To learn about the design click here and to learn about the construction click here. And to see some pretty pictures, keep scrolling!

Overall I am incredibly happy with this project. It turned out just how I imagined it would. And I love it so much. Since we are still in quarantine I find myself reaching for my hood when I am cold sitting at my desk at home. And it is the perfect thing to put on if I don’t want to get into full garb for a virtual event.

Thank you for reading this blog and appreciating my art. Many hours went into the design, construction, and even taking the photographs on a cold winter’s day. But don’t doubt that I loved every minute of it. Sewing brings me such joy it is often impossible to describe.


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