12 Little Needle Cases

March German Brick Stitch Canvaswork

This needlework piece is part of my ongoing exploration of different medieval embroidery styles. A full explanation of the project can be found here.

It is March and March is for Canvaswork! While I had previously planned, to release one pattern and one completed needle case a month, this one begged me to stitch it and here it is March 1, and it is done! As noted in my previous post here I used a 28 count linen even weave canvas and 20/2 silk thread in three colors. I charted patterns from an embroidered wall hanging at the Met that can be seen here.

The first thing I did was mark out on my fabric a 2×3 inch rectangle in some contrasting sewing thread. Then I just got to work on my pattern.

A German Brickstitch needle case

As you can see, I didn’t stop with just a 2×3 inch rectangle, but decided to make a “front and back” cover to my needle book (rather than just a front). This pattern was charted from the same panel as my last post.

Brick Stitch Pattern “Spiders”

I loved working on this so much, I do want to make it a project to chart all of the patterns on the clothes that are in the Met piece. Feel free to use them to create fun designs, and allow your world to be your oyster.

To Purchase Materials check out the links below:

20/2 Size silk thread: Eowyn de Wever on Etsy

28 count even weave linen from Charles Craft: Garibaldi’s Needle Works on Etsy

Future Month Updates:

For April, Couched and Laid work, we will be making a wooly lion from the Bayeux Tapestry. I have ordered Appleton Crewel Wool in Terracotta 124, Dull Gold 855, Mid Olive Green 343, and Dull Marine Blue 324. But, I believe any thicker silk thread or even some cotton floss will do. We will be stitch exact stitches based on what my eyes can see on the Bayeux Tapestry, so this will be a fun project. Look for this post in about a week!

May is for counted thread work. Counted work like cross stitch has been around for centuries! I will be recreating a counted thread pattern from one of the 16th century model books. I will likely use a silk floss (I have some coming in the mail) and an even weave canvas for this design.

June is free embroidery and I plan to do some Opus Angelcanum! A nice swirly silky face using split stitches. I have ordered some fleshy colored silk, but because the internet can make colors difficult to see, it might be worth ordering some flesh tones in advance. I also want to do some underside couching in goldwork on this one too. So I ordered some passing thread from Garibaldi’s Needle Work. Only half of my order has arrived, but it included some of the real gold passing thread I purchased and it is scrumptious!


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